Microsoft Teams: Unleashing the Power of Collaboration with the Latest Feature-rich Updates in 2023

Supercharge Your Team’s Collaboration with MicrosoftTeams: Unlocking New Features for Enhanced Communication and Productivity


Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams

MicrosoftTeams, the popular online communication and collaboration tool, underwent significant updates and improvements in May 2023. This article provides an in-depth overview of the new features added to Teams during that month. From enhancements in meetings, chat, and collaboration to improvements in security and IT administration, Microsoft has focused on providing a comprehensive and seamless experience for its users.

I. Meetings-Related Improvements

One of the notable additions is the Speaker View, which enhances the meeting experience by highlighting the active speaker and shared content at the center of the screen. The active speaker’s video is displayed at a higher resolution, ensuring a more engaging and focused conversation. Additionally, users can now toggle profanity filters in Live Captions, and VDI users have access to Breakout Rooms with organizer support. Avatars with customizable interactions and a new Recap tab for shared meeting notes and transcripts further contribute to a more efficient and productive meeting environment.

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II. Chat and Collaboration Enhancements

Teams introduces an expanded profile card, similar to other Microsoft 365 applications, providing users with comprehensive contact information, professional details, LinkedIn profiles, and more. Furthermore, users can now schedule offline meetings, such as lunch breaks, without including a “join meeting” button, chat threads, transcripts, or recordings. The addition of a Notes tab in standard channels allows for easier organization and collaboration within teams. Moreover, the updated Files app, powered by OneDrive, offers a more consistent and familiar experience for Microsoft 365 customers.

III. Teams Phone Improvements

Teams Phone users now have more control over call queues and automatic attendant greetings, allowing for customization to suit various use cases. Compliance recording solutions integrated with Teams can follow policies when calls are redirected, ensuring data security and adherence to regulations. Additionally, the “busy on busy” setting enables administrators to manage incoming calls when users are already in conference calls or have placed a call on hold. Teams Phone users in the U.S. and Canada can also set up their emergency location directly within the Calls app.

IV. Teams Rooms and Devices Enhancements

Administrators can now efficiently manage automatic firmware updates for Android devices through the Teams Admin Center. Meeting layout controls for Teams Rooms on Android can be pre-configured, streamlining the meeting experience. Microsoft has also focused on improving Cloud Video Interop (CVI) customer experiences by simplifying the process of joining Teams Rooms meetings. Hotdesking, enabled by QR codes, and virtual front desks on Teams-certified displays offer added convenience and flexibility. Several hardware options, including Shure Microflex Advance MXA902, Jabra Evolve2 30 and 40 Stereo headsets, and the EPOS Impact 1060 ANC/1060/1030 series of wireless enterprise headsets, are now certified for Teams.

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V. IT and Security Enhancements

Administrators can monitor their unspent Microsoft Azure consumption commitment (MACC) through a new widget in the Teams Admin Center. In addition, they have the capability to block read access in chats for anonymous users, bolstering data privacy and security.

VI. Mobile Improvements

Teams mobile users benefit from a more detailed dashboard for the chats page, enhancing navigation and usability. VDI and web customers can access the Call Health Panel, enabling them to monitor and troubleshoot call quality issues. Platform enhancements, such as Collaborative Stageview, Zero-touch app install, and context-based app suggestions, further enhance the user experience by promoting collaboration and productivity within Teams.

VII. Microsoft Teams Premium Features

Teams Premium users can now engage in two-way lobby chats during virtual appointments, fostering seamless communication and collaboration. Intelligent meeting recaps, powered by AI, provide users with comprehensive summaries and action points. Additionally, Government users can leverage Excel Live for GCCH and Teams Rooms on Android for GCC-H, tailoring the platform to meet specific regulatory requirements.


MicrosoftTeams continues to evolve and enhance its capabilities as a leading communication and collaboration tool. The May 2023 updates brought a wide range of features, including improvements in meetings, chat, security, and mobile experiences. With customizable options, enhanced control, and seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 applications, Teams aims to provide organizations and users with a comprehensive and efficient collaboration platform.


Q2: What enhancements were made to chat and collaboration in Teams?

A2: Chat and collaboration in Teams were enhanced with an expanded profile card, scheduling offline meetings, the addition of a Notes tab in standard channels, and an updated Files app powered by OneDrive.

Q3: How has Teams Phone functionality improved?

A3: Teams Phone now allows users to customize call queues and automatic attendant greetings. Admins can configure the “busy on busy” setting, and users in the U.S. and Canada can set up their emergency location within the Calls app.

Q4: What updates were introduced for Teams Rooms and Devices?

A4: Teams Rooms and Devices now offer improved management of automatic firmware updates, pre-configurable meeting layout controls for Android, streamlined Cloud Video Interop experiences, and support for certified hardware.

Q5: What IT and security enhancements were made to Teams?

A5: Teams introduced a widget to monitor Microsoft Azure consumption commitment, the ability to block read access in chats for anonymous users, and various improvements for IT administration and security.

Q6: What mobile improvements were implemented in Teams?

A6: Teams mobile received a more detailed dashboard, a Call Health Panel for troubleshooting call quality, and platform enhancements like Collaborative Stageview and context-based app suggestions.

Q7: What are the additional features available for Teams Premium users?

A7: Teams Premium users can benefit from two-way lobby chats during virtual appointments and intelligent meeting recaps powered by AI. Government users also have access to specific features like Excel Live for GCCH and Teams Rooms on Android for GCC-H.

Q8: Will the trend of Microsoft advertising its services within Windows 11 reverse?

A8: While Microsoft’s advertising practices have become more prevalent, it is uncertain if the trend will reverse. Windows 11 users have limited control over the ads displayed within built-in tools and features.

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