Chat GPT Prompts: Your Ultimate Writing Companion

The power of communication cannot be overstated, and the Google India “Bolne Se Sab Hoga” campaign reminds us of this fact. In a world where information is constantly flowing, being able to effectively communicate has become more important than ever before.

Bolne Se Sab Hoga” a campaign empowers users to access internet in their own language: Google

With Chat GPT now “Likhne se Sab Hoga

chat gpt prompts are carefully curated instructions designed to help you get the most out of Chat GPT by providing the exact commands to Chat GPT.

These prompts are the key to unlocking the full potential of Chat GPT and extracting meaningful, professional results in no time at all.

With chat gpt prompts, you can provide exact commands and instructions, allowing Chat GPT to deliver exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

Whether you’re looking to explore new ideas, solve complex problems, or simply streamline your workflow, chat gpt prompts are the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals.

So why waste any more time? Let’s dive into the article and explore all the amazing ways that Chat GPT prompts are making our lives easier and more productive. And if you haven’t already, sign up for a ChatGPT account now to start experiencing the benefits firsthand.

What is Chat GPT?

ChatGPT is an AI language model that uses natural language processing to generate human-like responses to text-based prompts. It is based on the GPT architecture and was trained on a vast corpus of text to learn the nuances of language and conversation.

What is Chat GPT prompts?

As a writer, you know how difficult it can be to consistently create fresh and exciting content. Whether you’re a blogger, copywriter, or social media manager, you need to keep your audience engaged with compelling content that resonates with them. However, coming up with new ideas can be a challenging task, especially when you’re working under tight deadlines or feeling uninspired.

This is where Chat GPT Prompts come in. The platform provides a wealth of writing prompts designed to inspire and challenge you. From creative writing prompts to marketing and business prompts, and have something for everyone.

Let’s explore the benefits of using Chat GPT Prompts and how they can help you become a more productive and creative writer.

Benefits of Using Chat GPT Prompts

There are numerous benefits to using Chat GPT prompts, and to make it more fruitful, here are some of the important benefits of Chat GPT prompts are listed here.

  • Boosts Creativity: One of the biggest benefits of using Chat GPT Prompts is that it can help boost your creativity. When you’re feeling stuck or uninspired, a writing prompt can provide the spark you need to start creating. The prompts on the Chat GPT platform are designed to challenge your thinking and inspire you to come up with new and exciting ideas.
  • Saves Time: Another advantage of using Chat GPT Prompts is that it can save you time. Instead of spending hours trying to come up with a topic or idea, you can simply browse for a selection of prompts and choose one that resonates with you. This can be especially helpful when you’re working under tight deadlines or have a lot of content to produce.
  • Improves Writing Skills: Using writing prompts can also help improve your writing skills. By practicing different types of writing, you can become a more versatile and confident writer. The prompts on the Chat GPT platform cover a wide range of topics and genres, allowing you to explore new styles of writing and hone your craft.
  • Generates Unique Content: One of the biggest challenges of content creation is coming up with ideas that are unique and engaging. With Chat GPT Prompts, you can access a wide variety of writing prompts that are designed to help you generate fresh and interesting content. Whether you’re writing for a blog, website, or social media platform, Chat GPT prompts can help you stand out from the crowd.
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How to write chat gpt prompts

When it comes to creating a successful Chat GPT prompt, there are several important steps you should follow.

First, you need to structure your prompt effectively to ensure that Chat GPT can understand it and generate relevant responses. This involves choosing a specific topic, focusing on a clear goal or outcome, and using headers and sub-headers to break up the content.

Next, you need to write your prompt with clarity and specificity, taking into account your audience and their interests. Make sure to keep your language simple and straightforward, and provide clear instructions or guidelines for Chat GPT to follow.

Finally, it’s important to edit and refine your prompt to ensure that it is accurate, engaging, and effective.

This involves reviewing your prompt for clarity and correctness, testing it to see how Chat GPT responds, and making any necessary adjustments.

If you’re feeling confused about the prompt design, don’t worry, there is another method, using third-party extensions called AIPRM with your Chat GPT account.

How to install “AIPRM Prompts” with Chat GPT

Installing Chat GPT Prompts is very easy. You just need to install AIRPM, a browser extension, to get started on your journey.

#Step 1. Type in your web browser and press enter.

#Step 2. On the AIPRM website, you will see an option that says “Install AIPRM for your Chat GPT“. Click on that option.

#Step 3. After clicking “Install AIPRM for your Chat GPT“, you will be directed to another page called “Extensions“. On this page, click the button that says “Get“.

#Step 4. After clicking the “Get” button, a pop-up will appear asking for permission to “Add Extension“. Click “Add Extension” to complete the installation process.

#Step 5. Go to your browser and open Chat GPT. You will get a pop-up named “Connect OpenAI and AIPRM Accounts.” Click on the “Continue” button.

#Step 6. After clicking the “Continue” button, you will be directed to the sign-up page called “Connect OpenAI and AIPRM Accounts.” There you need to click on the checkbox called “I have read and agreed to the terms of use for AIRPM and privacy policy.

#Step 7. After clicking the checkbox, there will be a button called “Connect with Google Account” (if your Chat GPT account is associated with Google ID) or “Connect with Microsoft Account” (if your Chat GPT account is associated with Microsoft ID). Click on the appropriate button.

#Step 8. After clicking the Connect button in #Step 7, you will be directed to a page where Google/Microsoft asks for your consent to connect with AIPRM. Select the account associated with Chat GPT.

#Step 9. Once you select your account in #Step 8, AIPRM will ask your consent to “See and download your exact date of birth.” Click the checkbox and press the button “Continue.

#Step 10. After taking your consent, AIPRM asks you to “Verify your email address.” Click the “Continue” button. This action will deliver a confirmation mail to your account associated with Chat GPT.

#Step 11. Open your email and confirm the email by clicking “CLICK HERE to confirm Your Email Address.”

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#Step 12. After your confirmation, you will be directed to the “Welcome to AIPRM for Chat GPT” page.

#Step 13. On the welcome page, you need to connect your Chat GPT account by clicking the “Connect with OpenAI account” button.

#Step 14. After #Step 13, you will be directed to a page where you need to select “Start working in Chat GPT.”

Now you have completed the connecting process. Once you open your Chat GPT and click “New Chat,” you will see a page where “AIPRM – Chat GPT Prompts” appears.

AIRPM offers both free and paid plans that users can choose from based on their needs. If you’re a beginner, the free (public) plan from AIRPM is sufficient for your needs.

Disclaimer: I want to clarify that I have not received any compensation or payment for writing about AIRPM. The opinions and information shared in this content are based solely on my own research and experience with the platform.

AIPRM Prompts

AIPRM Chat GPT Prompts Page
AIPRM Chat GPT Prompts Page

In this article, we will be discussing AIPRM’s free (public) plan.

As of the time of writing this article, AIPRM Free plan has 2620 prompts for use on a variety of topics.

Based on your profile/type of work, you can just visit the curated prompts and get your work done in a snap.

AIPRM prompts are available for different topics like Copywriting, DevOps, Generative AI, Marketing, Operating Systems, Productivity, SaaS, SEO, Software Applications, Software Engineering, and UNSURE

For instance, if you’re a YouTuber in need of a script for your content, simply head over to the free (public) plan on AIPRM and search for ‘YouTube Script‘ in the bar. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the range of ready-made prompts available to choose from.

Here are some popular chat gpt prompts list that is available on AIPRM’s free (public) plan

Awesome chat gpt prompts for Writing Article
  1. Human Written |100% Unique |SEO Optimized Article
  2. Outrank Article
  3. Fully SEO Optimized Article including FAQ’s
  4. Write Best Smart Article Best to rank no 1 on Google
  5. Human-like Rewriter
Best chat gpt prompts for Youtubers
  1. YouTube Script Creator
  2. Youtube Video Script Pro
  3. 15 second shorts script for Youtube / Tik-tok / Instagram
  4. YouTube, Instagram & TikTok | Video Script Generator
  5. Captions – Hashtags – Tags Generator
Cool chat gpt prompts for Story writers
  1. Short Story Generator
  2. Transform your headlines into videos with just one click: Storytelling vs Storyselling ideas for Social Media.
  3. Transform Your YouTube Videos to Next Level.
  4. Choose Your Own Adventure — Story Gamebook
  5. Convert Story to Narrated Script
Chat gpt prompts for Quora users
  1. Quora Answer
  2. Quora Answer to Promote Anything!
  3. Quora Answer to Promote Anything!
  4. Cannabis Advocate – Quora Questions & Answers
  5. Best Quora Answers

Chat gpt prompts for Google Web story creators

  1. Web Stories Creator
  2. Google Web Story Creator 3.0
  3. Google Web Story Writer
  4. 100% Human Generated Web Story

Chat gpt prompts for Midjourney users

  1. Midjourney Prompt Generator
  2. Midjourney V5 prompts – 6 different styles
  3. AI Photo Art on First Attempt – MidJourney Prompt Generator
  4. Photography-like Midjourney (v5) PROMPT Maker
  5. Highly detailed Midjourney Prompt

Chat gpt prompts for Book Writers

  1. Write a Complete Book in One Click
  2. Write a book chapter; FAST (3/3)
  3. eBook Outline Generator
  4. E-book One Click Creator
  5. Amazon KDP/ Ebook Description Writer
chat gpt prompts for teachers
  1. English Teacher
  2. Learn Anything In Simple Lessons With Quizzes
  3. Practice English with Guilherme’s Chat Assistant
  4. ‍Language Teacher‍ ‍
  5. Talking with English Teacher
chat gpt prompts for excel
  1. Excel Expert
  2. Excel Functions
  3. [Write what you need in Excel]
  4. Adapt formula into Excel 2016 standards
  5. Excel Formulas Fixed. Try It
chat gpt prompts for coding
  1. Code Generator
  2. C/C++ Code Runner
  3. Better JavaScript Prompting
  4. The Master Coder
  5. Coding Flutter/Dart
chat gpt prompt generator
  1. Prompt generator for AIPRM Prompts
  2. Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator
  3. Stable Diffusion: Prompt Generator
  4. Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator Automatic1111
  5. Effortless & Universal Midjourney Prompt Generator

and the list goes on, it is important to choose your best-suited prompts for your profile/work, in order to ensure that the generated content aligns with your brand voice, message, and objectives.

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Using prompts blindly without proper consideration can result in poor quality content that doesn’t resonate with your target audience, or worse, can even damage your brand reputation.

So, always exercise caution when using chat GPT prompts and take the time to customize and refine the generated content to ensure its relevance and accuracy.

Caution on using chat gpt prompts

When using chat GPT prompts, it’s important to exercise caution. While these prompts can be a helpful tool for generating content quickly, they should not be relied upon as the sole source of content creation. Here are a few reasons why:

Lack of originality: Chat GPT prompts are created by artificial intelligence, which means that they lack the human touch and creativity that comes with original content. Relying solely on these prompts can result in content that is repetitive, bland, and unoriginal.

Inaccuracy: Chat GPT prompts are not always accurate and can generate content that is factually incorrect or misleading. It’s important to fact-check and verify any information generated by these prompts before publishing.

Tone and style inconsistencies: Chat GPT prompts can also generate content that doesn’t match the tone and style of your brand or target audience. It’s important to review and edit the content generated by these prompts to ensure that it aligns with your brand’s voice and messaging.

Legal issues: Chat GPT prompts can generate content that may infringe on copyright or other legal issues. It’s important to ensure that the content generated by these prompts is original and does not violate any laws or regulations.

Chat GPT prompts can be a helpful tool for content creation, but it’s important to exercise caution and use them in conjunction with other content creation methods. Always review and edit the content generated by these prompts and fact-check any information before publishing to ensure accuracy and originality.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q. What are ChatGPT prompts?

Ans. ChatGPT prompts are the input messages or questions provided to the AI language model to generate a response in a conversation.

Q. How do you write good chat prompts for GPT?

Ans. To write good chat prompts for ChatGPT, one should be clear and specific, use natural language, and avoid biased or sensitive topics.

Q. What are examples of prompts for ChatGPT?

Ans. Some examples of prompts for ChatGPT could be “Tell me a joke”, “What is the meaning of life?”, “What’s the weather like today?”, or “Can you recommend a good book to read?”.

Q. Does ChatGPT store prompts?

Ans. No, ChatGPT does not store prompts as it is an AI language model that processes input messages in real-time and generates responses accordingly.

Q. How do you Write good chat prompts for GPT?

Ans. To write good chat prompts for GPT, it’s important to choose a specific topic, focus on a clear goal or outcome, and use headers and sub-headers to break up the content.

Q. What are examples of prompts for ChatGPT?

Ans. Examples of prompts for ChatGPT include creative writing prompts, marketing prompts, and business prompts.

Q. How do I Write better prompts for ChatGPT?

Ans. To write better prompts for ChatGPT, consider the tone and style of the prompt, as well as the specific goals and outcomes you want to achieve.

Q. Can I chat with GPT-3?

Ans. Yes, you can chat with GPT-3, but you need to have access to the OpenAI API or a platform that integrates with it.

Final Remarks

I hope this article has provided you with valuable insights into the benefits of Chat GPT prompts for writers. With a wide range of prompts available, you can boost your creativity, save time, and generate unique content for various topics, including creative writing, marketing, and business.

To create successful prompts, focus on a clear goal or outcome, choose a specific topic, and use headers and sub-headers to organize the content. And for an even better experience, consider installing third-party extensions like AIPRM.

Overall, Chat GPT prompts are a powerful resource that can help you achieve your writing goals and improve your skills. Give it a try and see for yourself how Chat GPT prompts can enhance your writing experience. Good luck and happy writing!

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